Kristina Arcigal

Jimmy Medina

Youth Leadership 

Zegy Miguel L. Cancio, President/CEO

Nora Ruth Eusebio

Casey L. Cancio

Nomer Yamat

Sonny Cancio

Marie J. Cranston

"The reason I help out and volunteer for Aprayer4Alex is to make sure that the patients always have a smile on their face and are strong enough to beat the obstacles they are faced with"

Val Dojilo

Arnel Manalo

Meet The team of Volunteers


I joined the Aprayer4Alex, in memory of our loved one, Alexandra L Cancio, to support and continue her dreams to help people with childhood cancer.  We will also continue to raise funds to help children with life threatening illnesses and their  families.


First off, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support with Aprayer4Alex, Inc. The kindness that you have shown has been pivotal in our mission, and the success that we have going forward is all because of your continued generosity.  This organization is very dear to my heart because it was founded by my daughter, Alexandra L. Cancio. Not a day goes by where I don't thing about her and I know in my heart that this foundation is a way to keep her hopes and dreams alive and to ensure that her memory lives on with every good deed that we do!. 


Patrick Kennedy

Mary P. Basumatary, Board Treasurer

Ludy Tacandong, Board Secretary

Michael Gariel

Ruth Tacandong

Anthony Pagan

Alana Persing

Zeighfred M. Cancio​, Chairman of the Board 

Mark Bantug

Ron Tacandong

Donna L. Cancio

Marissa Calanog